Tuesday, June 16, 2009

S1E05-08 Notes

Well, I've watched all the episodes, but did not take good notes - so I'm just going to stress that I have absolutely no doubt that on-island John Locke is being seriously manipulated by.... well, by something or someone or other.

We know that, even before the 815 flight, Abedon put the 'Walkabout' idea in his head, and Jacob appears to have raised him from the dead - what else did that touch do?

He is totally fucking with Sayid's effort to establish radio communication - AND (I can never say this too often) he's lying about his encounter with Smokey (if it in fact was Smokey). He's totally manipulating Charlie - although during 'The Moth' he appears to be in character-building mode.

Can't wait to see how this shapes up during the rest of the season and into the ensuing seasons - quite the puzzle they've given us here.

Also - and I'm surprised I didn't hear anyone point this out yet - a point of symmetry between James 'Saywer' Ford and Ben Linus was in evidence at the end of 'Confidence Man' when James calls off the con when he see the little boy. Reminiscent of Ben's hesitation when attempting to assassinate Penny aboard Our Mutual Friend, as well as stealing Alex rather than killing her as Charles would have had him do.

Anyway, that's it on the notes - but I do have episode-specific Haikus.

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