Thursday, June 4, 2009

S1E03 Tabula Rasa Notes

== Totally Random/Amusing ==

First Patsy Cline song!!!

== Amusing in Retrospect but Probably not Significant ==

The Marshall: "She's dangerous!"
Dude, you don't know the half of it.

Sayid: 'hope is a very dangerous thing to lose'
Sawyer and Kate in the cages?

Kate: "So we lie?"
Yup, get used to it, honey...

Kate: 'He wake up?
Jack: 'No, just for a few seconds during the surgery.
Kate: 'He say anything?
Jack: 'No.
Michael in the hatch asking about the dying Libby...

== In Retrospect Possibly Significant ==

The Marshall to Kate: 'You don't look free to me'

Need some killing done? Sawyer's your go-to guy.
Well, maybe not...
Unless he thinks the guy is the real Sawyer.

But Sawyer is truly horrified - our first peek at the chinks in his armor...

== In Retrospect Holy Shit ==

Such an ominous fade out on Locke after his good turn for Micheal!

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