Tuesday, August 25, 2009

S2E15 Maternity Leave Haiku

Ben: "Why would I lie?"
Oh Boy, Let Me Count the Whys...
Reason One: You're Ben!!!

Benry Gale & John,
Manipulation Starts Here,
Ends When John's Un-Locked.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

S2E14 One Of Them Haiku

To Paraphrase Locke:
"I Need To Watch That Again"
Too Much To Absorb!

Is He One Of Them
Or Is He One Of Your People
It's All Relative

S2E13 The Long Con Haiku

Oh, This Is Just Great
Trust Issues Sucked Already
Thanks A Lot Saywer!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

S2E12 Fire + Water Haiku

"You Have To Save Him.
You Have To Save The Baby!"
Charlie Ain't Done Yet...

It Comes Down To This
I Will Not Mince Words, My Friends
Libby's Fucking HOT!

S2E11 The Hunting Party Haikus

Don't Cross That Line, Jack!
You Just Don't Have What It Takes...
...When It All Goes Wrong

Locke Has Got A Point.
Don't Tell Mike What He Can't Do,
That's The Island's Job.

S2E10 The 23rd Psalm Haiku

The Jesus Stick
"Things I Need To Remember."
umm... "That's Not Yemi?"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

S2E09 What Kate Did Haiku

Patsy Cline! Janis!
Up In the Tree, Looking Great!
I Miss The Old Kate...

S2E08 Collision Haiku

Don't Stop And Think, Jack
Just Get The Guns. Or Maybe...
Sit Down - Read A Book.

S2E07 The Other 48 Days Haikus

Nathan In The Hole
Ana's In Charge - Deal With It
Fatal Defiance

This Goodwin Fellow
Pretty Good At Snapping Necks
Cluckety Cluck Cluck