Thursday, June 4, 2009

S1E04 Walkabout Notes

== Totally Random/Amusing ==

Hurley: "Jethro here's been hoarding all the peanuts"
Who's nicknaming whom?

Locke the mighty hunter emerges...

"Colonel Locke"

Randy really is a dick, ain't he?

Sun pretending she doesn't understand Michael.

Micheal using really, really bad gesturing to ask Sun to babysit.

Ethan is a log carrying guy!!!

Randy: "That's what you think you've got, old man? Destiny?"
What a total fucking dick. Need to send some flaming arrows his way, pronto.

== In Retrospect Possibly Significant ==

Sayid: "There must be a power source on the island, a significant one."

== In Retrospect Holy Shit ==

Debate on how to dispose of the bodies - Jack says whatever we bury won't stay buried long, gotta burn them..

Charlie: "Last I heard, we're positively made of time."

Locke encounters Smokey for the first time, then lies about it.

First Christian appearances!!!
'Good boy. Come on. Come here. I need you to go find my son... He has work to do. '

Burning the bodies...

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