Monday, June 1, 2009

S1E01 Pilot Notes

== Totally Random/Amusing ==

re: Smokey's noises: "Something really familiar about that sound it made." "Oh yeah? Where you from?" "The Bronx."

John has more hair in the pilot - So used to seeing him completely bald....

Cockpit wiring resembles angel hair pasta...

== Amusing/Interesting in Retrospect but Probably not Significant ==

Jack blacked out during Oceanic crash - Kate saw it all.

Jack to Kate: "You're not running now"

Hurley needs a spell check - or at least Walt (b-o-d-y-s)

Jack, Kate and Charlie's 1st island trek - Vincent watching from the sidelines.

Kate to Charlie re: Jack "We have to go back for him".

== In Retrospect Possibly Significant ==

Christian's (Jack's) white sneaker hanging in the bamboo

Smokey really did not like Eric Weiss/Matt Parker. Wonder what he would have done if it had turned out to be Frank (the candidate/Lawnmowerman) Lapidus?

== In Retrospect Holy Shit ==

Nothing this time around

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