Wednesday, February 3, 2010

S6E01/2 - LA X Haikus

Yeah, so obviously I ran out of gas during the Haitus Rewatch

But I'm gonna do them for the rest of Season 6.

LA X was quite the rich mine of inspiration. So here we go.

Window Seat Again
Confused Familiarity
Have Another Drink

A New Perspective.
"See you in another life..."
Yes, indeed, Brotha!

Everyone Assumes
We're Seeing Flight 815
I'm Not Quite So Sure

Boulder In The Stream
The Stream Splits, Becomes Two Streams
Both Are Real (I Think...)

Fickle Destiny:
In The Land Of The Living,
You're Smokey's Bitch Now

Yo! M.I.B.! Dude!
Have You Tried Clicking Your Heels?
"There's No Place Like Home"

"Help Me Ilana."
"Sure thing, Boss. Thigh Highs Boots, Check.
Cuffs, Check - He's Coming."

Sayid's Real Purpose?
Shooting Ben A Small Part of
Jacob's Larger Plan.

Juliet, The Dice
Were Loaded From The Start - Just...
...That The Time Was Wrong

The O.G. Others
Anna Lucia Echoes
"You're Not Scared Enough"

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