Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Excelsis Crackpotum: Alt-Timeline in Season 6?

(Wherein I Momentarily Abandon 5-7-5 and Make My Argument for the Possibility of the Alternative Timeline as a Plot Element in Season 6.)

In the interest of keeping my own blog relatively free of logorrhoea , I have taken the liberty of presenting my case over at the Donald Is Lost blog.

In a recent episode of his excellent Podcast, Donald purported to debunk many of the theories that I believe may be indicating the possibility of an Alternate Timeline motif for Season 6. I, having found his arguments unconvincing, decided to impose myself upon his blog in an uncharacteristically verbose set of bullet points.

This is the thread.

Donald says he will be addressing my arguments, as well as those of Jed Findlay, in a future edition of his Podcast. Should be fun!

Feel free to comment here if you like - back me up, shoot me down - I'm OK either way. But Donald gets way more traffic than I ever will, so you might want to post comments over at Donald's blog - there will be a chance that someone will actually read them.

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