Sunday, July 26, 2009

Non-Rewatch Non-Haiku Post About Them Oceanic/Mr. Cluck /John Walsh Videos

You know, the videos from ComicCon 2009

I'm sure you've seen 'em....

Just in case you haven't here they are....

They clearly indicate that some significant changes have taken place as a result of Juliet's last(?) act of defiance.

Does it mean, though, that Jack's plan 'worked'? Not at all clear - that's a real problem when you toss in a bunch of variables.

But I believe that Alex Hahn and I were onto something back around "Namaste" (though I'm sure we were not the only ones) about the way the Others' barracks looked as Sun and Frank arrived and were greeted by Christian. I posted this on Donald's blog back in April:

"Caller Alex’s point about the Processing Center sign - that still bugs me too. That is clearly a Dharma remnant and the hostiles/others purge cleaned out the outward signs - or at least stuck them in a drawer. I’m not saying that this means a classical alternate timeline, but it just doesn’t belong there. Something smells fishy in 2007 New Otherton. I don’t have an answer, just questions…"

OK, so according to the videos, Oceanic has a record of perfect safety, winning the Lotto has made Hurley a blissful CEO/Milionaire, and Kate did not kill her asshole daddy, but some other dude. We know all these things to be untrue Pre-Incident.

I looked at the episode Namaste again - as Christian is showing Sun and Frank the Processing Center, the camera pans across the room - there are still signs hanging from the ceiling: "Assignments","Uniforms" and "Innoculations".

Really, now - there's no way that the Hostiles/Others left that old Dharma-era crap hanging around and befouling their little Pleasant Valley Sunday lifestyle.

Yeah, well now I'm pretty much convinced - my instincts in April were correct. In this particular reality/timeline, the purge never happened.


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